About Us

Protector USA is proud to provide high-quality filtration systems for your home at affordable prices that put healthy living within your reach. Our proprietary filtration methods are the result of our lead engineer’s 25+ years of experience working with water and water systems, and his commitment to goes beyond mere osmosis to deliver truly pure water for drinking and bathing.

We incorporate hydrogenation methods with the benefits of calcium and magnesium, which remove heavy metals and soften your water. All filter help you achieve water with a balanced pH, just like nature intended, which promotes a healthy digestive system and fights premature aging caused by free radicals and heavy metals.

Protector USA is one of the only filtration companies whose products are designed, manufactured, and shipped completely within the United States, making us answerable to some of the highest standards of purity. All our products are certified by the Water Quality Association and are AB1953-compliant (lead-free).

For more information about us or our products, email us at info@protectorwater.com