Entrepreneur, Reality Star, Attorney at Law and Blogger Lilly Ghalichi LOVES AlkaBeauty

Lilly Ghalichi is a reality television personality and star of the hit TV Show Shahs of Sunset.

“I replaced all the shower heads in my house with ProtectorShower heads. The Protector removes chlorine an harmful chemicals that make your skin dry, and ruins your hair. It’s one of my biggest secrets to soft skin and healthy hair. The Protector Shower head also contains crystal Quartz to give me that energy enhanced shower feel. Protect your skin and hair from the harmful chemicals in our water”

Lilly has a Protector Beauty countertop filter as well as a Protector Shower in her bathroom and uses them on a daily basis. Says Lilly, “It is so refreshing to use the Protector Beauty daily. Washing my face and brushing my teeth with the water makes me feel so refreshed every morning!

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